Our product is complex machined components.

Our promise is the best customer service in the industry.

We manage multiple part prototype and LRP (low-rate production) programs to accelerated lead times.

You get serious quality, leading-edge 5-Axis machining tech, fast delivery, and an engineering team that loves to solve problems, cut costs, and automate.

Complex machined components with up to 125 unique features

Accelerated lead times & dynamic change requests

Rapid prototyping and low-volume production

Full 5-Axis, 4-Axis HMC & 3+2 VMC automated machining

Excel in aero- & medical grade materials i.e., Titanium, Inconel, AI

Full service multi-component program management

Complete range of advanced finishing processes

Consistently held tolerances up to 0.0001 (Ten Thousand)

Flexible scaled production with leading-edge automation

Fully qualified & managed diverse secondary operations network

Deep data capture for custom quality reporting

Fully simulated shop-wide environment

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